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archived notes

february 4, 2002

it was a long time coming but i've finally completed a new story, judas kiss.

sasha and reyes are still on my radar screen. i just had a bit of darkness to vent first.

and since i seem to be making promises... i love my new palm i705 and will be adding palm versions of my stories for download in its honor. also, i will get around to subjecting you all to my photographic endeavors asap.


january 2, 2002

happy new year!

a few of my stories have won spookys, including a first place honor for the sketch.  i am humbly grateful to the readers who read and voted.  thanks for your support and inspiration.


december 5, 2001

a new addition to my fanfic. i've put up milk and honey, a reyes/other story. time and inspiration permitting, i hope to continue the series until scully at least makes a guest appearance.


october 29, 2001

sorry for the delay between updates. i finally got frontpage to work again... and it only took reinstalling my operating system...

my fanfic section has now turned into a fiction section. and there are two new additions: undercover, a 155 word scullyslash piece... and ride, a short original fic.

i did finally get that scanner so hopefully i can throw a few pics up in the foto section soon...


september 12, 2001

putting words to madness.

they say writing is cathartic. i sure hope so because i am ready for healing. here is my own experience living through 9/11/01 in new york city:

this is not fiction.

and here is a follow up describing the first day back to work:

the day after.


september 10, 2001

i've finished another scullyslash short entitled "the sketch."  when i get around to buying a scanner, i may even break a few laws and put in pics of the paintings mentioned in the story.

check out my beta reader's site.  and tell her how great it is.  she just updated it.


september 2, 2001

the last month has probably been one of my best. wrote 2 short stories, spoke at a jupiter conference, made a short film with my best friend, and had my screenplay read by martin scorsese...

"tucson" made it on a few rec lists and there's even a spiffy little graphic to go with one of them. you can see it at the bottom of the page.

radclyffe and sheswirls (my beta reader) have graciously allowed me to link to their sites.


august 18, 2001

welcome to my website. it's under construction but i'm getting it up as fast as i can. i'm building it myself because i'm just that kind of gal.

i suddenly decided that i *needed* to design a website. and if it weren't for the fact that microsoft frontpage comes with office 2000, i probably would have built the whole thing in powerpoint. as it is, i created all my graphics in powerpoint. that's what you get when you let a consultant build a website.  too bad excel doesn't have save as html functions...

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